Chakra Immersion

Chakra Immersion

Chakra Immersion to Transform Your Life

Our life experiences leave imprints in our physical, emotional and spiritual bodies. Over time, these imprints shape our health and well-being, keeping us stuck in old patterns or compelling us forward in our lives. The subtle energy centers of the body , our Chakras, teach us where we are on our path. Perhaps we are feeling secure in our financial lives, but unlucky in love. Or maybe we have a hard time concentrating, but are able to stay focused while exercising. Clearing out the chakras is a way to discharge imbalance , energize our beings, and release long held suffering.  Chakra Immersion offers us a way to heal , dive deep and emerge changed.

During these 7 lessons, Marsha will guide you to become more of who you are through a rich and robust program that includes:
• Weekly LIVE Online Group Sessions
• Weekly Chakra Yoga Classes focused on each chakra
• Weekly Meditations focused on each chakra
• Weekly Dance Classes focused on each chakra
• Weekly Home Practices, including daily rituals to enhance your experience of each chakra
• A well-researched journal to record your observations of each chakra

Chakra by Chakra you will learn how to:
• Harness your energy body for greater fulfillment
• Balance each chakra which restores your sense of well-being and life purpose
• Release suffering and emotional blocks with ease and grace
• Feel more secure in your body
• Discover your sexual and creative power
• Feel more alive and vibrant as you access your core
• Open your heart to healing and deeper life connection
• Free up your voice and express your unique imprint
• See your life from a larger perspective
• Develop your intuition and body wisdom

Sign up to join us on Tuesdays, 7-8:15 PM EST .

Next Session begins September 29.
*If you miss a class, no worries. All sessions are recorded.

CEs available for RYTs and IAYTs. Certificate of Completion given.

About Marsha

Marsha has been working with the Chakra System for over 25 years, as an energy healing practitioner, yoga therapist and yoga educator. She is passionate about helping her clients find their way back home through the study and practice of the Chakra System.

  • Welcome to Chakra Immersion

    Chakra Immersion is an in depth study of the Chakra System. Each week we immerse ourselves in one of the seven main chakras. To prepare for your time   , be sure you are free from all distractions. Set aside a personal space complete with yoga props, water , journal, pen and coloring materials such as craypas, crayons , watercolors or colored pencils. You will be receiving many materials so make sure you are saving them in a designated folder marked Chakra Immersion. This is a chance to heal what needs to be healed, celebrate your strengths and honor your journey so far.

    A very warm welcome indeed.




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