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I believe that our souls speak to us constantly, from body sensations, dreams, intuitive feelings and signs all around us. In my eyes, all people have the creative power within to transform their lives. All that is required is to have the proper support for that transformation. Our souls are the purest part of ourselves, our truest nature. Often , we forget , or feel lost from our soul. For the past 15 years I have been helping  my clients find their purpose again, reconnect to their most authentic soul callings, providing them with unparalleled intuitive services and shamanic healing; I am pleased to do the same for you. Get in contact with me today to see how we can begin working together.


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Deep Into Your Soul Readings


Deep Into Your Soul sessions delve into your innermost feelings, longings and experiences, helping you sort out current issues in your life in body, mind and spirit. I see your life from a continuum, addressing your most pressing challenges from a psychic and intuitive perspective. Often we don’t see what is right in front of us, or become blocked by beliefs, patterns and experiences that we think need to shape our reality for good.  Changing your life’s path for the better is now possible. Get in touch with me to schedule your Deep Into Your Soul appointment.

Shamanic Healing


Shamanic Healing is a  practice that works with the subtle or luminous body, which is a blueprint for the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body, creating a sacred, compassionate  space where healing can occur on all levels.  There are 3 core practices: Illumination, Extraction and Soul Retrieval.  Sessions are 45 minutes long.  Get back to your balanced self with this unique service. Contact me today to see what I can do for you.


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Girls Night Within™ Virtual Parties


Girls Night Within™  Virtual Wellness Parties bring you and your girlfriends together for an evening of chic, fun healthy activities. Choose from Ask a Psychic Night to YOGAhhhhhhh. Events are 90 minutes with a minimum of 5 participants . $35 for each additional person. Book your event today!


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